oceans Your touch is a taste of ecstasy

the winds are your horses, you are the coachman;

but your deep is a mystery

an everlasting scare.

Your beauty is a grandeur,

an incomparable gem;

but your insides are defiled

a rotting smear.

Ticking Bomb


Nowadays, time is neglected and often taken for granted. The media reflects the sad truth about the society and its hunger for pointless passions. Little do they know, that time is a ticking bomb. Its slowness is alluring but its rapidness is threatening. One moment we are going on parties, neglecting schoolwork and living our youth, but the next we’ll be stuck in the reality where we should be breaking our bones to feed the little insides of our wailing infants and the little one developing inside our bodies.

Adults, who have already embraced responsibility, may sometimes result to missing out some of the dots in life. Time and again they will think that everything is in control but then again, something starts to move out-of-place again. After they have had the house of their dreams, have cars and send their children to school they would stand, look and realise how fast time went by and all the thing he worked hard for will be left in the world.

Youths frequently are stuck in the stage of unreliability and so when responsibility comes, they watch as it falls and tramples to the ground. It’s disappointing to see how young people do not understand the logic of time and the dangers of its consequences and how it can affect their whole lives forever. Adults continue to be responsible and caring, but as they see their hair turn grey and their children marry, they realise the fast pacing of time and how left out they feel.

When we were young, we dreamt of becoming older, but now that we are old, we pray to be young once again. But the truth is, we can’t change time. And the only thing left for us to do is run. Run along with time, no matter how fast it gets so that we may be sure we won’t get left out. And on that day, we can sure say that ‘we’ve finished the race’.

The Pressure Of Working With People You Don’t Know


It’s normal for most of the people, especially those who just started with a job to feel this way. But as a disc jockey/host, comfortability in a studio is the golden rule.

I started working as a DJ in our school a few months I entered college last year. But the station is annually changing, the seniors graduate, the schedule changes and you get assigned on a new show. But as I walked inside the small studio along with others i do not know and i haven’t seen before made me feel little. Everyone knows everyone and I felt like a little out of place carrot.

Dj’s in the real world, dont really feel this way. Because probably, before they even became one, worked for a station and made friends. I didn’t. And I was going to host that show alone for a semester. What a sad life.

This is not just a ranting post, I’m writing to express how this pressure affects my work as a Dj. I do have a script which was new to me. But throughout the whole show I felt like just reading it. Mispronounciations and dead air. Yeah, its a Dj’s sickness to mispronounce words sometimes. But its a chronic disease if we do it most of the times. And I have that disease because I felt faking the whole show because I cant speak! And whenever I try to voice out my thoughts it just sounds more fake and annoying, so I dont anymore! That’s not how a Dj work! I can’t laugh. This is so embarrassing. But I believe its important for a Dj to crack up a little bit and to shake off all the seriousness. Every time I tried to laugh yesterday, I was waiting for a hand to slap me on the cheek and tell me how bad I am.

I’m struggling now, but I still believe that a professional can adopt to any change. And so I push to become one.

Film Review: Ant-Man

Courtesy of sourcefed.com

Rating: 4/5

Marvel has then again surprised us with another great yet peculiar superhero slash addition to the Avengers. Paul Rudd stars as the miniature superhero in the movie ‘Ant-Man’. The 46-year-old comedian started his career in the early 90’sand has starred in many films like theAnchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy (2004), The 40-Year-Old Virgin (2005), Knocked Up (2007), I Love You, Man (2009), This Is 40 (2012), and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues (2013). In television, he appeared in the NBC drama Sisters and the NBC sitcom Friends in the 90’s. Other stars include Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Corey Stoll, and Michael Pena. The movie ‘Ant-Man’ is originally directed by Edgar Wright, the director of Shaun of the dead and Hot Fuzz but due to differences as to how he perceives it with how Marvel wants the movie to turn out he departed and was replaced by  Peyton Reed (Hey man, Bring it on).

The movie earned a total of $22.6 million on its debut on Friday. However, a contributor for Forbes said that it was the second lowest Marvel film after  The Incredible Hulk ($21.4m in 2008 and in 2D). Nevertheless, for a lesser critique like me, I found the movie great. Regardless the flawless technicality, Ant-Man showed the importance of family above work and self belief above fear. It’s a movie for all ages, and if one day in the future I’d get a chance to browse movies with my old physique, I would enjoy still watching ant-man.

This is a very late post, so if you haven’t watched it yet, I recommend you do.

5 Reasons Why I Don’t Enjoy The Rain


Remember this scene from the movie series ‘Twilight’ where the cold-blooded Edward Cullen asks the should-be-tan-Arizona-gal Bella Swan if she’s enjoying the rain. Abruptly, Bella answered how she supposedly ‘didn’t like’ anything cold and wet. As a fan of the movie, I used to believe that I liked the rain (of course after attempting to mimic everything that makes Bella, Bella–which ended up not so well) as Edward did, but now that July, the rainy season for the Philippines have just started and as for this day July 9, 2015, a second typhoon had already entered the Philippine Area of Responsibility, I’m starting to realize the honest.

(This article I dedicate to the Pluviophiles (lovers of rain;someone who finds joy and peace of mind during rainy days) who won’t admit they also, somehow, hate the rain.) So these are the 5 reasons why I don’t enjoy the rain.

1. Class Suspensions

Twitter, should thank the Caviteno’s for heaping the ratings for the media site as we await for the suspension announcement (via his tweet) of our very own loving governor, Jonvic Remulla. I remember back in high school where we used take all the same subjects each day and dismisses at around 5 in the afternoon and how we all run and howl like a crazy hyena when the government declares suspension. But that was before, and as a college student that has a once a week class for a subject, it means trouble. To be more precise–cramming is theword. And it’s inclusive of projects, home works, assignments and exams that feels like happening in one day.

2. Getting Wet

Although there’s no typhoon whatsoever, we always expect for rain, because dude, it’s the Philippines, it’s where rain first fell and still does. It’s like the favorite tourist destination of precipitation. It’s where students always carries a raincoat or an umbrella and keeps an emergency school shoes for rainy days. And don’t deny the feeling of being so numb getting cold for walking home with a stinky wet sock. Plus, the distraction everyone feels whenever inside a classroom, looking out the window seeing the rain pour and asking their selves, ‘How will I get home?’

3. Muddy Soles

It wasn’t even raining when I walked Monday last week to school and ended up covering my black shoes in mud like a quicksand I can’t barely walk and almost slipped. This happened with a car waiting for me to move on to park on where I am walking and my classmates looking over me. It was embarrassing and annoying at the same time. I can’t imagine even slipping on that bed of mud. (I would always regret going down that part of the road -_-)

4. Home Bound

Since the classes are suspended due to the typhoon and I would never ever risk again being mud-stained and humiliated, I stay home. Yeah, it’s okay to stay at home and I remember wanting real bad to go home. But that was when I was tired and wanted rest. It feels like death to rest this long doing nothing during class suspensions.

5. The Board Games

It’s not lonely. It’s boring. Regardless of the image above. I felt like the only thing I did this day is to pretend I’m on diet by not eating rice and endlessly play plants vs. zombies 2 on three different devices. I played like, three songs on my incomplete drum set and stopped  because it tired me. To be honest, my lazy hormones are active whenever it’s cold. Plus it’s almost night time and I still haven’t taken a bath.

That’s a wrap! 5 reasons why I don’t enjoy the rain. Any comments and disagreements are open 🙂 Don’t forget to click the follow button! 🙂

warm hugs,

Naomi ❤


10 Fashion Do’s And Dont’s We Often Neglect

People, especially Filipinos are known to be simple especially when it comes to choosing clothes. My mother always tells me to buy clothes when I desperately need it. But what if although we’re really not that much into fashion, we usually mix and match all the wrong things together, that instead of looking simple and good, we’ll look simple and bad.

I’m not a fashion expert, but fashion mistakes are too obvious not to notice. These are 10 Fashion Do’s And Dont’s We Often Neglect (that I think a fashion expert would agree with):

1. The Colored Pants Rule

Not all colored pants suits with every tops. Since the 50’s Colored Pants rose to fame, more and more shades of pants are sprouting from the market. But the more colored pants appear, the more careful we should be in choosing the right tops.

Don’t wear colored pants (especially the bright ones) and pair it with another colored tops. (Eg. Red t-shirt x Blue Pants–You don’t wanna look like a flag). Pair colored pants with a white or black tops. I always prefer pastel colored pants, its perfect even when you’re going to the office. If you can, stop wearing those bright purple (or any other bright-colored pants) and maybe just switch to jeans instead.

2. The Homo Attire (No offense!)

Never wear the same color or shade of clothes for both tops and bottoms! (Except if you’re going to a wake) Explore! Any jeans or colored pants will do (But don’t forget about number one!)

3. Overdose Of Prints

Prints are God-given. They are made to spice up fashion. Some people likes to mix prints. Although I’m not a fan of mixing prints, we should be careful. Some look good together and some just don’t. But if you ask me, it’s not good.

4. Throw Your Fits

Let’s go Conan!

If you’re not planning to go for a swim or to the gym, avoid wearing tight clothes. You don’t want to expose your belly belt, trust me. And I’m also talking to the guys who loves to wear fitted jeans, let me be the one to say it, it doesn’t look good on you (or on anybody else). Before buying your clothes, make sure to look for the right fit for you, not to tight and not too  loose.

5. Jacket Alert

Living in the Philippines feels like living inches under the earth’s core with the Sun setting fire on the roof. I even heard that in some places the temperature went to 40 degrees Celsius this year. So if its scorching hot outside, please, drop your jackets and wear something cool. And if it’s somehow breezy, a cardigan will always do. If you’re going some place with an A/C, just keep a jacket on your bag. No sweat.

6. Seriously?

This is a problem. You know what to do. And BTW, this isn’t strap shouldn’t be called invisible.

7. Just A Little Bit

“Showing too much skin is never sexy, it just looks desperate.” Says Fashion Blogger AISHWARYA KAUSHAL. Yesterday, on the way home, I was shocked to see a woman wearing a super mini dress that ends just under her behind and I’m not even sure if she’s wearing shorts or what I saw were her panties, what’s more shocking is that she was walking towards the Church.

Clothes were made to cover skin not to just accessorize our body. The trendiness of showing skin isn’t a  reason to over-exaggerate it. If you’re wearing something that basically covers nothing, you’re just as good as naked.

8. Plain Skater Skirts

Now that skater skirts have become a trend, its time to skip buying those cheap plain-colored skater skirts and switch to printed ones!

9. Leggings Fail

Leggings are the opposite of Jeans: It’s cheap and comfortable, but it can sometimes look like your skin. Pants or Leggings–it doesn’t matter, as long as its skin-colored, don’t wear it except you want your picture posted like these on social media. And if you have a little chubby legs and decide to wear leggings, pair it with a long tops to cover your precious. 😉

10. Explore

It’s time to give to charity your decade old t-shirts and start exploring fashion. Try wearing dresses, Buy a new shade of jeans, and keep your ballet shoes and sandals and try on some heels or boots.  During your break, google some ootd’s to inspire you. Fashion isn’t about status or beauty. Once you’ve explored fashion, you’ll discover the fun in it.

God bless!